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Best Managed Companies 2020

March 8, 2020

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Edited by Elaine O’Regan

Harry Goddard, chief executive, Deloitte Ireland Picture: Fergal Phillips

Leading thefieldwith innovation

Technologyhas changed thewaywework, and this year’sBestManagedCompanies Awards recognise thebusinesses that have embraced these changeswhilealways looking to innovateandbring thebest peoplewith them ElaineO’Regan

andwhereeveryone in theorganisation knowswhat theyare trying toachieve,” said Goddard. “Theysharearealfocusonpeopleand, in an environment where unemploy- ment is incredibly low, thewar for talent is very real for them.” In response, Goddard said this year’s Best Managed Companies had found ways to create workplaces that were fulfilling and rewarding. “That means they don’t have to com- peteasmuchwithlargeemployers,who are, perhaps, better resourced when it comes to attracting staff,” he said. Nowinits12thyearinIreland,theBest ManagedCompaniesAwardsprogramme recognises the value and achievements of successful indigenous businesses in the North and South. “This awards programme is really important to us here at Deloitte,” said Goddard. “Whenyou lookat the level of talent, innovationandcapabilitywithin these businesses, it’s really important that we find ways to shine a spotlight on them.” The high-profile awards programme is run by Deloitte, in association with Bank of Ireland, and is unique, here in Ireland and internationally, because of itsin-depthjudgingprocess,whichtakes into account management capabilities and practices across all key business functions. “Through the judging process, we are able to challenge companies on strate- gy, on their internal capabilities, their commitmenttothedevelopmentoftheir leadership teams, their commitment to their communities, andalso the robust- nessoftheirperformance,”saidGoddard. “Bylookingattheindigenousbusiness sectorthroughtheselenses,weseereally high-quality,maturebusinesses that are succeeding, not just locally, but on the global stage. “FromtheDeloitteperspective,weval- ue the opportunity to give these organ- isations a platform and access, through the programme’s coaching process, to a capability they might not otherwise have access to.” While Foreign Direct Investment is vital to the overall performance of the Irish economy, Goddard sees equal im- portance intheeconomic roleplayedby indigenous businesses. “OurBestManagedCompaniesrepre- sent the ‘bestof thebest’,”saidGoddard. “They are really focused on their prod- uct or proposition, on the marketplace andalsocustomers’ requirements–but, most of all, they have courage – they know what they want to achieve and are not afraid to make decisions, make investments and act decisively in order to make those ambitions a reality “Ireland is the small green dot in the global economy. Our success now will be about maximising what we already knowwe cando reallywell inbusiness. “Itwillbeaboutcontinuingtodevelop our relationships on the global stage, and about being brave and continuing tofindnewways tocreatevalue inother markets.”

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H arnessingtechnol- ogywill be critical in propelling Irish business success on theworld stage intheyearsahead. So says Harry Goddard, chief executive at Deloitte Ireland and one of the judges in this year’s Best Managed Companies Awards. As technology continues to evolve, those indigenous firms that can best harness emerging capabilities – be it in robotics, for example, Artificial Intel- ligence or the Internet of Things – will lead the way in maintaining Ireland’s position as a global innovator. “AsweentertheFourthIndustrialRev- olution, we’re now in a period where there is a much greater availability of technology,” Goddard told the Business Post . “Technologyhas changed thewaywe work and the way we live. People use it to work remotely now, for example, and for simple everyday tasks in their personal lives, like ordering food and taxis. It’s everywhere.” For companies in Ireland, this shift is driving an increased focus on “next wave” technologies, strategies and pro- cesses. “We’re really seeing this trendamong this year’s Best Managed Companies,” said Goddard. “A lot of these companies have made significant investments in technology in order to really drive their businesses forward. “Theyareusing technology inall sorts of ways that are really innovative and very effective in creating new versions of traditional products and services. “Whethertheirbusinessiswasteman- agementortraveltechnology,innovation is a shared trait across the board. “Even the very traditional industrial manufacturing businesses in the pro- grammearehighlyautomatednow,with significant use of robotic technology on the factory floor.” “It used to be that businesses used technology, because it allowed them to beabitmoreeffective.Theyusedemail, for example, or they had file-sharing capability. “Our Best Managed Companies are

different inthat technology isacorepart of their composition and a distinctive enabler within their business.” Goddardwas appointed chief execu- tiveatDeloitteIrelandinJunelast,having been head of consulting for four years. Healsopreviously ledthefirm’s tech- nologypracticeacrossEurope,theMiddle East and Africa, with responsibility for 8,000 consultants in 25 countries. “My background professionally has involvedworkingmostlywithverylarge organisations, eithermultinationals, big banksandinsurancecompanies,orgov- ernment agencies,” he said. “Consequently, going into the Best Managed Companies judging process for the first time this year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. “Large organisations tend to be well resourced and, therefore, can afford to havededicatedteamsfocusingexclusive- ly on things like strategy or technology. “What really impressedme with this year’sBestManagedCompanieswas the sheercapabilityoftheirleadershipteams, the clarity of their purpose and vision, and their relentless focus.” Focus onpeople Together, this year’s cohort of 130 Best Managed Companies employs 42,000 peopleon the islandof Irelandandgen- eratecombinedannualrevenuesof€11.4 billion. They are all indigenous, representing abroadrangeof sectors intheNorthand South. “These companies are super-focused onwhattheydo.Theybringapassionand energythatcreatesapurpose-ledculture,

Whenyou lookat the level of talent, innovation andcapabilitywithin thesebusinesses, it’s really important thatwe shineaspotlight onthem

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