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RóisínKiberd reports on how to keep your cloud safe fromexternal threats – and fromyourself

theEUtoimplementsecuritytechnologiessuch asartificialintelligenceandmachinelearning,” shesaid. “Manyof theworld’s leading ITcom- panies,includingcloudserviceproviders,have their European offices in Ireland, and Ireland hasseenagrowthintheimplementationofse- curitytechnologies, particularly inthecloud.” Michael Conway, director of Renaissance, said there was no geographic area that was notablymore secure than any other. “There are some who are earlier or later adopters of cloud technology, but ultimately cloud technology adoption is global, and the challenges and issues it comeswithareglobal too.There isnodefinedperimeter, and there is nodefinedgeography–cloudiscloud,”hesaid. The challenges, then, are universal: public cloud can solve many of your traditional IT resourcing problems, but it also requires that you elevate your security tactics. “Greateragilityandimprovedtime-to-mar- ketforproductsandservicesarehugemotiva- tors for an organisation to move to the public cloud, but it does introduce newheadaches,” saidBrianMurray,enterpriseaccountexecutive for Irelandand theChannel Islandsat Sophos. “The secret toeffective cybersecurity in the cloud is improving your overall security pos- ture: ensure your architecture is secure and configured correctly, and that you have the necessaryvisibility intoyourarchitectureand into who is accessing it.” Thissoundssimple,butinrealityisanything but. “The rapid growth of cloud usage has re- sulted in a fractured distribution of data, with workloads spread across disparate instanc- es and, for some organisations, platforms,” Murray said.


A surveypublishedbythemarket research firm Techaisle found that in Europe, 52 per cent of smallbusinessesand62percent of mid-market businesses had one or more cloud security in- cidents last year. Another, conducted by Risk BasedSecurity,found2019tobetheworstyear on record for breach activity. What’s going on? Is the cloud in crisis? In Europe, in particular, are we behind the rest of the world when it comes to protecting the cloud?

“For a very long time, the EU was lagging behind America with regards to IT security,” said Dr Vivienne Mee, founder of VMGroup. “With the introduction of GDPR, the tables havestartedtoturn.Therehavebeenregulatory changes implementedrelating todataprivacy, andthosechangeshaveledtoagreaterempha- sisonsecurityenhancements likeencryption within the EU.” Mee views GDPR, which was brought in last year, as driving behavioural, cultural and technological change. “GDPR has also likely been the catalyst for

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