100 Hot Start-Ups


Ireland’s start-upscene points toavibrant future

work with their investors. With VCs, it’s not about taking themoneyand running, norisitaboutjumpingtoeverywhim.Any investment requires collaboration. Many of the businesses featured here have either raised funds or are in thepro- cess of doing so, and the number is only the beginning of the story. It buys time and little more. Companies must use this room to breathe and flip the immense pressure that comeswith using someone else’s money into an opportunity to get more focused on the end goal. InuncertaintimeswhenBrexitloomsas a threat togrowth, support andadviceare keytoo. Irishstart-upsnowhaveplentyof examples to followwhen scaling up, and sharing of insights has become a key part of the country’s business scene. Support is also available from state agencies such as Enterprise Ireland and the network of local enterprise offices throughout the country. Informationandreadilyavailabledatais key too, which is why The Sunday Business Post wants toplay itspart bycontinuing to producethe100HotStart-Upsmagazine,a publicationthat seeks todemonstrate the energy, ingenuity and drive of the coun-

try’s fledging companies and the people behind them. Inthesepages,wepresent aselectionof the businesses that merit interest. These are companies that have plenty more to deliver,buteachhasalreadydemonstrated a talent for invention, either throughsim- plicityorleftfieldthinking.Theirexistence inspires confidence in Irish business and points to a vibrant future.

Richie Oakley Editor, The Sunday Business Post

S uccess takes many forms and predictingwinnersisrarelyeasy. Manna, a business that wants to become a $10 billion giant by delivering takeaways with drones, offers a completely dif- ferent proposition toApplaud, a platform for freelance musicians to get work. Rashr has a fantastic name and is de- velopingrashvestsforuseunderwetsuits, while Buymie is enabling easier home deliveryof groceries.Thespacesoccupied by the firms within these pages all bring their own challenges. Thechallengeswithin,however,arefun- damental.Eachmustfindamarket,ensure theirproduct or service is theright one for it, put together the right teamtodeliver it, and do enough business to survive. To thrive, they must show the agility necessary tomovewith theirmarket and

100 Hot Start-Ups

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