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Founder Mark Nealon was the winner of the 2019 Irish Student En- trepreneurship Forum. Nealon says: “Last year, MyStudyPal became Ireland’s #1 Education App on the iOS App Store in the lead-up to the Leaving Cert and grew to 4,500 student users in Ireland with no paid advertis- ing. Over the next nine months, we plan to increase our user numbers tomore than 15,000 student users in Britain and Ireland.” mystudypal.app

Founder: Mark Nealon Year founded: 2018 Location: Nova UCD, Dublin Sector: education MyStudyPal enables students to create a personal and fully flex- ible study timetable in minutes for the Leav- ing Cert, Junior Cert, A-levels and GCSE. After growing the user base in Ireland to 4,500 student users in year one, with no paid ad- vertising, the product launches in the British market this month.

Mark Nealon, founder, MyStudyPal

MyName isTED


tech and AI. “Motoklik empowers con- fidence inMotorsports through our USP, automated suspension set-up,” says co-founder Jens Köpke. Over the past year, Motoklik has been awarded an En- terprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund of €50,000, won Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (Start-Up category) in Kilkenny, with funding of €15,000, and been accepted onto the European Space Agency’s Business Incubator (ESA BIC), with a further boost of €50,000 fund- ing. The launch of the Motoklik product is due for H1 2020. to run a pilot of the system for a major insurer in the Irishmarket. “Subject to a successful pilot, we ex- pect to take on eight people in the next year,” says co-founder andmanaging director Adrian O’Farrell. “We expect the pilot to validate that we can short- en the turnaround time for a medical report (leading to lower direct settle- ments), improve the quality (leading to greater confidence in reserves being set) and reduce the amount of admin time required of claims handlers (reducing costs). mylivemedical.com/

Founders: Jens Köpke and Valerie Chong Year founded: 2018 Location: Kilkenny Sector: Motorsports Motoklik is an electronic device at- tached to a motorcycle that sends key information to the rider’s smartphone, improving off-roadmotorcycle riders’ performance and safety through smart

Founders: Brendan McEvoy and Katarzyna Gaborec McEvoy Year founded: 2016 Location: Mullingar, Co Westmeath Sector: Fashion M y Name is TED designs and manufactures lux- ury Italian leather bags and accessories with a techie edge. The firm seamlessly incorporates technology features such as wireless charging and GPS tracking into its uncom- promisingly luxurious designs.With funding from the Enterprise Ireland CompetitiveStart Fund, thehusband andwifebusinesshas so far beenre- tailing direct to consumers online, but is looking to launch with luxury retailersinIreland,BritainandtheUS. “Wearealsoplanningtolaunchour magicwalletwitha long-haul airline duty free early 2020. In December this year, we will begin beta testing our racking tag and application for ourwallet andpursecollection,”says co-founder Brendan McEvoy. mynameisted.ie


Founders: Adrian O’Farrell and Gavin Roberts Year founded: 2017

Location: Dublin Sector: Insurance

MyLiveMedical is an online platform that enables insurance companies to turnmedical reports around faster and with greater quality than previously. Over the past year, it has qualified for the €50,000 Competitive Start Fund fromEnterprise Ireland, and is, at the time of writing, due to sign a contract

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